Wednesday, December 20, 2017

TS Contact Review

The site is a dating site for transsexual men and women; attractive shemales being the main focus. On this site, it’s about equality for trans people all across the globe. Once an account has been set up, trans people can chat for hours and spend a lot of time on the site getting to know each other, or they can hook-up straight away. Transsexuals, transgenders, Tgirls, transwomen and shemales rule on!
Finding a date on this site could be a lot of fun. Trannies from the USA, Europe, India and Asia subscribe to this site. Some beautiful Tgirls have their photos up on here and they are ready to date and find love. All the transwomen on the site appear confident and attractive. The focus is on inspiration and all types of contact for transgender people including health happiness and finding members with similar interests.
It is an easy site to operate; just open an account, post interests, and some saucy photos, then start messaging members. Members will usually reply to messages within twelve to twenty-four hours. The home page of the site shows the icons for signing up and logging in as well as the words “We’ll help you get a new partner.” If you are a transwoman who is looking for someone to date, or some who is looking to date a transwoman, this could be the site where you will find someone special to hook up with. As one French transwoman on the site posted “… I am looking for a serious love…”
Members’ profiles are visible to everyone who visits the site although they can be hidden. The site also features an incognito mode which means that the member’s profile is only visible to whoever they are chatting with. Special emoticons can be included in a message to indicate mood and feelings. Photographs that contain pornographic images are not allowed to be posted on-site. If the members of want to see who has visited their individual page the most, they can check the profile visitors page.
Profile information can be edited by clicking in the right-hand corner at the top of the member’s page. Photos can be added by clicking on the edit button inside the photos section. The map feature on shows where transsexual women may be located nearby. There may be more Tgirls in some areas than others, but the site advises patience as more people are becoming interested in exploring the transgender world, through sites like this one. has a page on Google + which shows some of the issues that are important to transgender people today. Equality in healthcare and non-discrimination are important as transwomen (and transgender men) seek health insurance and health rebates for their sex-change operations. Everyone Deserves to be Happy! is a global motto for transsexuals that is featured on This site is a safe place for transsexuals and they can expect to find lots of support there. Transwomen are praised on the site and they considered to be beautiful and desirable.
Another slogan on the site is this one: “I may have the body of one gender, but I have the soul and purpose of another.” Transwomen rock and you can relate to and date them on

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