Wednesday, December 20, 2017

TSDate/TS Date Review | Review

TS Date is one of the largest transsexual dating sites on the planet. There are literally millions of people who have created their profiles in expectation of meeting like-minded partners. This platform encourages people to form connections on a daily basis, and this is done through the various features which ts date site has put in place for its members. review: what you should know about this site

This site has probably been around for the longest time you can think of. They have been actively building their database for the last decade. Because of the length of time that they have been around, it is only justified for this site to host millions of profiles. Tsdate is actually the biggest go-to place where men can find transsexuals. The site is geared towards encouraging both hookups and long term relationships among members. Also, due to the features that this site has put in place, tsdate has emerged as one of the influential sites where people can pursue local transsexual women.

The features which make this site a great contender in your list of TS sites to use

The site is built with convenient features that encourage finding other members and communicating with them. The advanced search system enables members to find others by searching based on certain criteria. Members of this site can also save their favorite list of individuals to hookup with later. Above all, the internal messaging system works as was intended. It facilitates easy communication between members of this platform.

If you are creative, you can even blog members and go into invincible mode. But the fun doesn’t end here on a site that has remained online for more than a decade. You see, tsdate has introduced dating forums, chat rooms, photo search, instant messaging, and a new feature known as rapid match.

That’s more than what you’d need on this site. But just in case you lack creativity and would love to break the ice with a potential TS date, then you could utilize features that are created specifically for people like you. One of them is the new ‘’send flirt or ask if interested’’ buttons. That is a good way of getting the other party’s attention. It is also a convenient way of saying hello and if interested, you could carry on with the conversation right away.

What is more, profiles on tsdate can get really detailed. If you are looking at a typical profile, you’d find more than just the physical attributes of the person on the other end. In light of this, members are always encouraged to list their personality, music, and movie tastes among other personal preferences. What this means is that tsdate website is trying to make it easier to find your ideal partner especially where compatibility is a concern.


Joining the site and exploring a few things as you create your profile is all free. Actually, searching for profiles costs zero dollars since the site allows you to conduct a number of search operations even when you are not a premium member. The site hosts lots of cute ts women within 10 miles of radius. Therefore, it’s up to you to search and find what you really love. You can consider upgrading to a paid account as you see fit.

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